Rack Amovible SKB 3RR 4U prof 24"

SKB 4U Removable 24"Inch Shock Rack
  • SKB 4U Removable 24"Inch Shock Rack

Rack Amovible SKB 3RR 4U prof 24"

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  • 3rr-4u24-25b

2 520,00 € TTC

2 100,00 € HT

The SKB 3RR Series represents the pinnacle of our rack cases. These shock rack cases are tougher, lighter, stronger and better than any other rack case out there in the market. The removable rack option saves time and money by eliminating the hassle of dealing with cables and screws in small, limited spaces?just take the rack out, change the equipment, and slide the rack in again. These cases are also featured-packed for ease of use, with convenient integrated wheels (24" and 30" models only), lid hangers, couplings straps, and more. All 3RR cases are independently tested and MILSTD 810-G certified. This means you can use our 3RR racks in the most extreme environments and conditions while your sensitive equipment will keep working and stays protected. And we are so convinced of the quality that we back it up with a lifetime warranty! These 24" deep rack models are suitable for IT equipment such as routers, switches, storage and communication devices. Typical applications are in military, security and broadcast, where maximum protection is needed!
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